Private Investigations

At 4n6PI we will provide you with the Peace of Mind you need by giving answers to the questions plaguing your mind.

Are you suspicious that your spouse isn’t being honest with you?
Does your child/teen seem distracted or troubled but they say everything is fine?
Are you a newly engaged person with a lot to loose if the person you plan to marry has a hidden agenda?
Has someone placed a judgement against you that you feel is a false claim?

Does your intuition tell you something just doesn’t seem right?
Most of the time that little voice in your head is right.
If you place your trust in our hands we will give you the answers that you need so you don’t fall into an irreversible trap.
Don’t enter into an arrangement without having all the facts

We offer services such as:
computer forensics & smart phone forensics, which is collecting data that has been hidden or deleted.
criminal background checks
infidelity decoys
monitoring your children/spouses internet use
previous marriages or dependents
Confirmation of facts (employment, financial, social)
financial investigation
evidence of past injuries, current employment and physical activities

Forensic CyberSecurity Private Investigation